The Lordship of Jesus Christ (2)

TEXT: Act 2:36 -37

What does it mean to acknowledge him as LORD?

  • Acts 2:36-37
  • Acts 9:5-6

Both statements in the scriptural verses above signifies people that are ready to surrender anything that has to do with their;

  • Own will,
  • Own plan,
  • Own purpose and
  • Own goal

in order to know and to do what is the will of the Lord for their lives.

Therefore acknowledging him as Lord Means

a)    Submitting my name as thought in the Lord’s prayer Matt 6:9

b)    Living for his purposes, plan and glory only on earth verse 10 of the Lord’s prayer and Matt 26:39 reveals Christ in his humanity, Voluntarily surrender his WILL to the WILL of the father in all things – precisely so that there would be no conflict between the divine WILL and his desire

  1. John 14:34, 6:38, 8:29,
  2. Phil. 2:8

c)    Living only for his cause on earth i.e. world evangelism. John 20:21, 17:18 Matt. 28:18-20

d)    Taking part in building his church. Get yourself involved in the ministry of the church.

e)    Realising that you don’t own yourself. 1Cor. 6:18-20. We must be willing to commit ourselves totally to God. Everybody want God to commit Himself totally to them, but are not ready to commit themselves totally to God, Lordship involve giving not receiving only.

If we understand Jesus owns us, we will be willing to give anything that is precious or will our treasure to him apart from ourselves.

Question- Which area of our live do we still find difficult to surrender to the Lord. –

  • Our time?
  • Our money?
  • Our profession or occupation?

What do you understand by ‘I can of myself do nothing’. John 5:30.