The Lordship of Jesus Christ (1)

WHAT IS LORDSHIP: It means giving Jesus the number one place above all the possible “things” in your life. We shall consider four aspects involved in making Christ the Lord of our lives.

  1. The fact remains that Jesus is Lord whether we accept it or not.
  2. Reasons why we don’t want to acknowledge him as Lord
  3. What it means to acknowledge him as Lord.
  4. Why Jesus wants to be our Lord

NOTE: Jesus is Lord whether we accept him or not.

A)   He created all things Col 1:15-18

Have you ever considered how much of your life you can control? For instance, do we decide when we should be born? Or who our parents should be? Or our nationality? Or the complexion or

our sex or level of intelligence or gifts or talent or your height or appearance etc.

Answer to this question is NO. Our vote does not counts in all of these or others.

NOTE: Then at what point do you exercise control?

The bible suggests that control a small but important part of your life, namely your  WILL.

Lordship has to do with your ‘WILL’. It involves surrendering it to Jesus Christ. It means that Jesus is Lord of all to you. In making this decision, remember that he has control over all things that concern you, whether you like it or not.


  • We must submit our WILL to his WILL
  • Praying about it all the time
  • Do it with all your heart


  • Knowing His Will – called great treasure
  • Doing His Will – called great pleasure


Though every person has his own reasons not to acknowledge Jesus as Lord, some reasons came up with remarkable frequency. He may ask us to do something that we do not want to do.

Of course, he will, if this were not so there will be no issue involved. When you have Jesus Christ as the lord in your life, you can count on him asking you to do things you would rather not do.

Example of people in the bible:

  • Abraham: God ask him to offer Isaac.
  • Moses : did not want to go before pharaoh
    • Jesus Christ: did not want to go to the cross.

    NOTE: Nobody likes the cross, nobody likes to die, nobody likes to deny himself but this is want Lordship is all about. A disciple is a disciplined one. He is one who says no to what he wants in difference to what his Lord wants.

    When Jesus Christ is Lord of your life, every area of your life is under his jurisdiction:

    1. Your thoughts. Phil. 4:8
    2. Your action
    3. Your plans. James 4:13-15
    4. Your vocations Col.3:23-24
    5. Your leisure time Eph.5:15-17
    6. Your life goal.
    7. Your money or possession

    All of these are under his Lordship.

    CONCLUSION: Brethren, it is a deception when will think will know the best fro ourselves. God has our best interest at heart. Jer. 29:11.